Sunday, February 24, 2013


sometimes i am really lazy or i just forget for a really long time you take your pick, i am going to continue my 30 day challenge now that my schedule is little more open, so i feel its been months since i have posted a single darn thing so to keep you up to date i just got back from acappella tour it was wonderful and warm instead of the cold desert Ive been living in since winter began and i really want to go back to Disney land, i just got a role in the musical Annie and the role is kate whoever that is (it should be great):) any ways i am actually going to do some of the stuff on my bucket list that i said i would do it is just going to take me a while and some positive peer pressure so wish me luck especially if its during the summer because i just dont like getting up during the summer.
I'm so sorry i haven't posted for what seems like the begining of time i will be a lot better i promise.
love aims