Tuesday, November 13, 2012

day three

so today im a little lazy so i did something really simple so girls we all know we like our tights right? and its so sad when they start to get a snag in the tights well not to worry i found a simple thing we all use and its at home and that is................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ hairspray.
step 1: find snags.
step 2:get hairspray and spray a generous amount on the snag.
step 3: let hairspray dry.
and what this will do it will stop the snag in its tracks and stop it from going any further now i know that this was simple today but im just really tired and need some sleep so enjoy reading and good night.
sincerely aims

day two

so the second thing i tried today and that worked was Vaseline on the face why did i pick this thing up you may be wondering well you see i'm in my schools musical and am continuously putting on and taking off makeup and i tried thinking of something that would get it off and then i finally asked my mom and she told put Vaseline on your face so i did and it worked most of my makeup came right off.
step 1: get face wet.
step 2: put a generous amount of Vaseline on your face.
step 3: rub the Vaseline all over your face.
step 4: get a paper towel, towel. toilet paper what ever you can use to get the Vaseline off your face.
step 5: wash face after doing this so the Vaseline doesn't clog up your pores.
so i hope this helps you actors dancers anyone who uses a lot of makeup i know this helps me lots.
well i hope you enjoy reading this.
sincerely aims


Sunday, November 11, 2012

30 days

so I'm going to do something different then what i was doing, what is that you might be wondering well I'm going to tell you so lately I've been going Google and pinterest to find out little tricks for stuff like holes in the tights ways to get rid of black head and how to unshrink clothes etc.... I'm going to do a 30 day trail of things I'm going to do and i started today i will post everyday to let you know if something works or not so you don't make the mistake of trying something that doesn't work, so what i did today was getting rid of pesky black heads i looked all over google for an idea but when i came to some of them they didn't use a whole lot of house hold ingredients they would have weird stuff on it. but not to fear i found something and i tried it and it worked and it took me about 7 min it was that easy so hears how it goes.

step 1: get three tablespoons of salt then pour it into a bowl.
step 2: get mint toothpaste and pour enough to cover your face it on to the salt.
step 3: pour  very little water just enough to make a paste.
step 4: stir all together and then put it on your face.
step 5: leave on your face for 5 min.
step 6: after 5 min gently massage your face with it.
step 7: wash off with warm water and then quickly change it to cold and splash the cold water on your face.
and that is how you get black heads off your face in 7 min, now if anyone wants to know about anything just leave me a comment and i will look it up and find a simple thing that works. i hope you guys enjoyed reading this don't be shy to leave any comments.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

sometimes crazy things happen

so I'm so sorry i haven't blogged in what seems like forever because the musical has worn me out, i am extremely exhausted everyday, but on a happier note things are going quite well i get my braces off in about a month and then they will be gone, I've decided that i really don't like school because i have to get up early and i have to start applying for collages in a couple of months which should be fun i know some schools i want to go to and that should be great, well I'm sorry to make things short but i have to go and do more homework for the new term which should be fun anyways love you all and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!
Sincerely aims

Saturday, October 13, 2012

i really need to be reminded

so i always seem to forget to blog or i just don't feel like blogging but just to give you a run down of what has happened so far so i made it into our schools musical hello dolly I'm really excited to do that and i just turned one year older that's right people I'm 17 now that's means i can go to rated R movies just kidding i really don't care for rated R movies so whats been happening lately is i know for sure I'm getting my braces off in November and i have gotten hooked on listening to Lindsey Stirling i love her music its awesome okay so some people think i really care about things when i really don't care but anyways that was my ranting so that's the short run down again i hope you enjoy reading this if you ever have questions do ask i would love to read that and write you back.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

great story you should tell it at parties.

hi everyone
so funny story i had this big long post and i was going to post it and then while i was doing spell check my computer malfunctioned (sarcastic yay!) so im going to do a shorter post because the other post took me forevers happy readings.

 I'm so sorry i didn't post last week i didn't feel like posting  so i didn't anyways a couple days ago i'm started getting a cold and its the beginning of school and it kinda sucks to be sick in the first couple of weeks so i hope i get better quick.

for the first time ever in a long time i actually have a 4.000 grade average I'm proud of myself for this because i haven't had a 4.000 since 7th grade and I'm 11th grade now so that is what 5 years so I'm proud of myself.

its official i get my braces off in November soon i will not be called brace face by my brothers or get asked do you get signal off your braces or the classic metal mouth oh how i despise that phrase.

how is it whenever a school dance comes up the boys who ends up asking me always asks me like a couple of days before the dance anyways I'm glad i got asked by one of my best guy friends.

anyways that's all for now folks and i hoped you enjoyed reading my condensed writing and please post comments if you wish.
sincerely aims

Sunday, August 26, 2012

lies lies LIES

okay so i was thinking about what i should write on blog today and i thought and thought and then it came to me, we all tell lies at some point in life, which we shouldn't do but we do any ways that's just how it is, so i thought i would do some sort of research on lies which i think we all can say "oh yeah Ive told that lie once" so i thought i would list the top 10 lies.

10. "I want to help you". Lawyers and Insurance salesmen.

9."I’m stuck in traffic”.

8. "my dog just died".

7.and for the students who read this blog.   "yeah I'm passing all my classes".

6."no i don't like anybody".

5." i bet 30 bucks that they will win" when really we are broke.

4."would i ever lie to you".

3."I'm sorry i cant go i caught the flu".

2."i want you to be honest with me".

1.and the biggest lie we all tell. "yes i have read and agreed to these terms" a classic we have all told.

well everyone those are the biggest lies we all tell in our day so hope you guys enjoyed that, I'm trying so hard to remember to write on my blog so yeah have a great Sunday

sincerely aims

Sunday, August 19, 2012


as you all know I'm a extremely terrible about remembering to write on my blog so i am making a goal that no matter how tired i am on Sundays I'm going post no matter what and sometimes i may have miss Ashton Allyson Dean write if I'm not in the mood but the post may not be on Sunday if that is the case. my other goal is learning better punctuation and spelling as you can tell I'm not really good at either so if you see a error with those do tell me i would appreciate it very much or if i forget to post just put a comment of aims you forgot to post that would also help me anyways those are my first couple of of goals and my other set of goals is to be fit this year and get a nice set of abs. now my school goals for this year is to get above c- in math and yes that is a goal for me and to do well in my other classes so those are my goals for this year so ill let you guys know what happens so have a nice day everyone.
sincerely aims

Saturday, August 18, 2012

i swear i'm not crazy

sometimes i swear im the only one that likes being single i mean why would you want a boyfriend or a girlfriend that means you can only flirt with them and not other people and when you tell someone you don't want to be in a ralationship with them sometimes they take it really badly, and im thinking why do people want the stress of being in a ralationship i just don't get it. anyways my summer is about to end im really sad about it and sadly this summer i did'nt get to doing anything on my bukett list so sorry people i just didnt have time to do it this year but next year i will i promise or maybe ill do it during the school year anyways this year im not a lower class man im finally in upper class which is a big year when you move from lower class to higher class means you get more respect from the senoirs and i can finally go to prom i just hope i get asked. well my trip to california was succesful if i say so myself i went to sanfransisco which was very fun and im still trying to figure out how to get the pictures from my trip from the carribien up on my blog so still working on that one any i promise i will blog more its just been crazy and i keep forgetting

sincerely aims

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

have you been to california

oh man how i love california,
so every year it seems i go to california and i enjoy swimming ,family and the hot weather.
and lately i have been getting into the lord of the rings which i watched comiming up to california you want to keep yourself busy with a long movie i suggest you watch all three of them if you have it or harry potter because oh dang that is also a long series.
 some times i wonder about people like this one time i was at school and i saw this girl her chapstick was almost all twisted out of the container i thought she was just cheacking how much chapstick she had left and right before my eyes she took a biug bite out of it i was so grossed out  the entire day so yeah.
oh yes im doing better to write every week and im going to keep trying so please remind if i stop.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Everyone's a Little Bit Lazy, It's True

Okay, so life has been pretty crazy. I mean like Freshmen in the Commons crazy, if you know what I mean. I feel really bad about not posting since May 26, so I decided to quickly catch you up with what's happening in my life so far.
   1st- Girls Camp. Need I say more? The true highlight was the bat. Yes, once again I must shudder at the realization that another bat decided to haunt me and find a cozy little resting spot in MY cabin. Needless to say all heck broke loose when the bat was spotted during the night. This bat has honored a long held tradition the Shalom bats must have because each year for the last 5 years a bat has entered the cabin in which I am sleeping in. Personally I hate bats because once I found one of these vile creatures in the cabin on accident, and then proceeded to help it escape which only hurt the poor creature to the point where it could not fly. Poor thing died as it crawled under the cabin....opps
   2nd- I have been a tad bit of a slacker and have not accomplished ANY of the activities on my bucket list. In my defense it has been quite a chaotic summer filled with yard work and tasks that simply had to be accomplished. I promise that I will fulfill the requirements before the summer is over, and between you and me it's gonna be easy.
   3rd- I have recently begun a love affair with a couple of...crime shows. To fill those moments that I am not slaving away in the yard, I take a moment for myself and watch some episodes of shows such as Criminal Minds, Bones, Psych, and a few more but I would hate to bore you with all the details. Needless to say I am quite taken with this form of entertainment. I think the real reason I enjoy them as much as I do is because they leave me thinking about what really could happen.
   4th- I promise that I will at least try to post more often. In the words of my dear Miss Ashton Allyson Dean "I'm just your average person entering the blogging world. Remind me if I stop and love when I go." Please remember to follow my blog if that tickles your fancy, and I really will try and work on posting more often. 

Life isn't about waiting for the sun to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

"If you love two people at the same time choose the second one
because if you really loved the first one
you wouldnt have fallen for the second."
 -Johnny Depp

"Elämäni kuin teini merenneito. Muistuta minua jos lopetan, ja rakastan kun menen. "
-Ashton Allyson Dean

Written by Miss Ashton Allyson Dean because I am truly a great friend and Aims wasn't in the mood to type up this post. So being a great friend I agreed...and added just a little bit of my own voice to the blog. Happy Readings. 

Image Credits must go to Emma Checketts and Miss Ashton Allyson Dean (they were on her computer)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I have decided

Ok so I have been hearing alot about people's bucket list and I thought why not so I have so far made a list of 12 things I will do during the summer List 1. Have a friend and I go to d.I get me a black suit with a mask thing not like a business suit and have a friend get a red dress and find a park with alot of people and with a hill and roll down saying (as you wish) a famous line from princess bride and my roll down the hill too. 2.try 20 different ice cream samples at baskin robbins. 3.go to the park and yell shark. 4.kick a bird. 5.empty out a jar maynois and fill it with vanilla pudding at eat it in public. 6.run into a store and yell (what year is it) and have someone answer and then say(yes it worked) and run back out cheering. 7.watch every doctor who episode ever made. 8.put glow in the dark stickers on my guitar or guitar case. 9.eat a king kong cone. 10. Get a stuffed animal pig and get a stroller and put the pig in the stroller and walk around the mall with it. 11.play my guitar in public. 12.get a Frabreez spray bottle and get a zip tie and zip it on the handle and throw into one of my friends room

Sunday, May 13, 2012

ok so sorry everybody i havent posted in a while so yea anyways last week was packed so i didnt have alot of time to post so now ive made a goal to post every sunday so watch for and i will keep you updated im still getting the pictures off of my camera so again sit tight love ya'll aimee

Sunday, April 22, 2012

hi to the world

hey everyone this is my first blog so yea first im going to talk about my vacation in the carribien it was amazing, it was just beautiful. I will soon update pictures you can see but untill then sit tight. :)