Saturday, May 26, 2012

I have decided

Ok so I have been hearing alot about people's bucket list and I thought why not so I have so far made a list of 12 things I will do during the summer List 1. Have a friend and I go to d.I get me a black suit with a mask thing not like a business suit and have a friend get a red dress and find a park with alot of people and with a hill and roll down saying (as you wish) a famous line from princess bride and my roll down the hill too. 2.try 20 different ice cream samples at baskin robbins. 3.go to the park and yell shark. 4.kick a bird. 5.empty out a jar maynois and fill it with vanilla pudding at eat it in public. into a store and yell (what year is it) and have someone answer and then say(yes it worked) and run back out cheering. every doctor who episode ever made. 8.put glow in the dark stickers on my guitar or guitar case. a king kong cone. 10. Get a stuffed animal pig and get a stroller and put the pig in the stroller and walk around the mall with it. my guitar in public. 12.get a Frabreez spray bottle and get a zip tie and zip it on the handle and throw into one of my friends room

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