Sunday, August 19, 2012


as you all know I'm a extremely terrible about remembering to write on my blog so i am making a goal that no matter how tired i am on Sundays I'm going post no matter what and sometimes i may have miss Ashton Allyson Dean write if I'm not in the mood but the post may not be on Sunday if that is the case. my other goal is learning better punctuation and spelling as you can tell I'm not really good at either so if you see a error with those do tell me i would appreciate it very much or if i forget to post just put a comment of aims you forgot to post that would also help me anyways those are my first couple of of goals and my other set of goals is to be fit this year and get a nice set of abs. now my school goals for this year is to get above c- in math and yes that is a goal for me and to do well in my other classes so those are my goals for this year so ill let you guys know what happens so have a nice day everyone.
sincerely aims


  1. seriously have the longest sentences in the history of mankind. good thing you have me Aims :)

    1. haha yeah i going to need help with sentences:)