Sunday, August 26, 2012

lies lies LIES

okay so i was thinking about what i should write on blog today and i thought and thought and then it came to me, we all tell lies at some point in life, which we shouldn't do but we do any ways that's just how it is, so i thought i would do some sort of research on lies which i think we all can say "oh yeah Ive told that lie once" so i thought i would list the top 10 lies.

10. "I want to help you". Lawyers and Insurance salesmen.

9."I’m stuck in traffic”.

8. "my dog just died".

7.and for the students who read this blog.   "yeah I'm passing all my classes".

6."no i don't like anybody".

5." i bet 30 bucks that they will win" when really we are broke.

4."would i ever lie to you".

3."I'm sorry i cant go i caught the flu".

2."i want you to be honest with me".

1.and the biggest lie we all tell. "yes i have read and agreed to these terms" a classic we have all told.

well everyone those are the biggest lies we all tell in our day so hope you guys enjoyed that, I'm trying so hard to remember to write on my blog so yeah have a great Sunday

sincerely aims

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