Saturday, October 13, 2012

i really need to be reminded

so i always seem to forget to blog or i just don't feel like blogging but just to give you a run down of what has happened so far so i made it into our schools musical hello dolly I'm really excited to do that and i just turned one year older that's right people I'm 17 now that's means i can go to rated R movies just kidding i really don't care for rated R movies so whats been happening lately is i know for sure I'm getting my braces off in November and i have gotten hooked on listening to Lindsey Stirling i love her music its awesome okay so some people think i really care about things when i really don't care but anyways that was my ranting so that's the short run down again i hope you enjoy reading this if you ever have questions do ask i would love to read that and write you back.