Sunday, September 9, 2012

great story you should tell it at parties.

hi everyone
so funny story i had this big long post and i was going to post it and then while i was doing spell check my computer malfunctioned (sarcastic yay!) so im going to do a shorter post because the other post took me forevers happy readings.

 I'm so sorry i didn't post last week i didn't feel like posting  so i didn't anyways a couple days ago i'm started getting a cold and its the beginning of school and it kinda sucks to be sick in the first couple of weeks so i hope i get better quick.

for the first time ever in a long time i actually have a 4.000 grade average I'm proud of myself for this because i haven't had a 4.000 since 7th grade and I'm 11th grade now so that is what 5 years so I'm proud of myself.

its official i get my braces off in November soon i will not be called brace face by my brothers or get asked do you get signal off your braces or the classic metal mouth oh how i despise that phrase.

how is it whenever a school dance comes up the boys who ends up asking me always asks me like a couple of days before the dance anyways I'm glad i got asked by one of my best guy friends.

anyways that's all for now folks and i hoped you enjoyed reading my condensed writing and please post comments if you wish.
sincerely aims

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