Sunday, November 11, 2012

30 days

so I'm going to do something different then what i was doing, what is that you might be wondering well I'm going to tell you so lately I've been going Google and pinterest to find out little tricks for stuff like holes in the tights ways to get rid of black head and how to unshrink clothes etc.... I'm going to do a 30 day trail of things I'm going to do and i started today i will post everyday to let you know if something works or not so you don't make the mistake of trying something that doesn't work, so what i did today was getting rid of pesky black heads i looked all over google for an idea but when i came to some of them they didn't use a whole lot of house hold ingredients they would have weird stuff on it. but not to fear i found something and i tried it and it worked and it took me about 7 min it was that easy so hears how it goes.

step 1: get three tablespoons of salt then pour it into a bowl.
step 2: get mint toothpaste and pour enough to cover your face it on to the salt.
step 3: pour  very little water just enough to make a paste.
step 4: stir all together and then put it on your face.
step 5: leave on your face for 5 min.
step 6: after 5 min gently massage your face with it.
step 7: wash off with warm water and then quickly change it to cold and splash the cold water on your face.
and that is how you get black heads off your face in 7 min, now if anyone wants to know about anything just leave me a comment and i will look it up and find a simple thing that works. i hope you guys enjoyed reading this don't be shy to leave any comments.

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