Tuesday, November 13, 2012

day two

so the second thing i tried today and that worked was Vaseline on the face why did i pick this thing up you may be wondering well you see i'm in my schools musical and am continuously putting on and taking off makeup and i tried thinking of something that would get it off and then i finally asked my mom and she told put Vaseline on your face so i did and it worked most of my makeup came right off.
step 1: get face wet.
step 2: put a generous amount of Vaseline on your face.
step 3: rub the Vaseline all over your face.
step 4: get a paper towel, towel. toilet paper what ever you can use to get the Vaseline off your face.
step 5: wash face after doing this so the Vaseline doesn't clog up your pores.
so i hope this helps you actors dancers anyone who uses a lot of makeup i know this helps me lots.
well i hope you enjoy reading this.
sincerely aims


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